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If you missed the program:


Ostomy Academy presents
"Bridging the Gap in Ostomy Nutrition"
on Wednesday, May 15 


A recording is available at the following link along with six past presentation recordings:

   Registered Dietitian and speaker Amalia Karlin gave a very helpful presentation as an ileostomate and practicing dietitiian. She reviewed questions submitted before hand and addressed many of the themes in her presentation. In addition, the resources are shared, such as our ostomy nutrition webpage and guides, to help you learn more about this important topic.

   Anyone can watch the program at this special YouTube Link,  type in the title, "Bridging the Gap in Osyomy Nutrition."  or Facebook users go to your FB page and search for "Bridging the Gap in Ostomy Nutrition," and click on Video.  

   This Ostomy Academy was  sponsored by UOAA and Hollister.


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