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What We Provide

  • fellowship with an ostomy “family”

  • support and suggestions from local ostomates

  • a bimonthly newsletter with excellent articles from national and local physicians, surgeons, and WOCNs

  • valuable tips and “how-tos” from ostomates

  • the latest regarding Alternate Procedures

  • contact information for local ostomy clinics where WOCNs advise about the management and care of ostomies

  • contact information for local and national ostomy suppliers and manufacturers.

Why Do We Meet?

  • Our presence is encouragement to others.

  • No matter how long ago your surgery, no matter how many meetings you have attended, there’s always information to be gained.

  • Keep up on newer developments and hear the speakers who are invited with information pertinent to ostomates.

  • We may have questions and problems that can be asked and answered at the meeting or researched.

  • Give support and encouragement to the volunteers (leaders and trained visitors) and to each other.

  • Be role models for new ostomates to show an active life can continue.

  • See that many of those who were in trouble are now helping others.

  • Learn what’s new in management equipment.

  • Feel good with our peer support group.

  • Experience a sense of accomplishment and renew a positive attitude for life and fulfillment.


Donate Supplies

The following organizations are great options to donate your unused and excess ostomy supplies.


Silver Spring Medical Supply Loan Closet

Lutheran Church of St. Andrew

15300 New Hampshire Ave.

Silver Spring, MD 20905.

To donate contact Marilee Tollefson, 301-384-4394 or

The closet operates a large medical loan closet with a large inventory of donations for pick up. There is no cost. Items are dispensed on a first come, first served basis. Examples of supplies available for pick up include: hospital beds, bedside commodes, canes, walkers, rollators, wheelchairs, feeding formula and equipment, CPAP, ostomy, and diabetic supplies.

The Phoenix Ostomy Closet (Maryland) 

Opposite the Hospital - Urgent Care Building 501 W. 7th Street, Frederick MD. 

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! Open Thursdays between 1-3 p.m. and Saturday or Sunday

Schedule an appointment, Contact Jean Barrick - 301-663-1203

May donate or request supplies.

Friends of Ostomates Worldwide FOW - USA

4018 Bishop Lane

Louisville, KY 40218 

You may include open packages by bagging and labeling them with item name, size and manufacturer. Remember, no liquids or expired supplies.  



Stephanie S. Sullivan

3500 45th Street, Suite #16A

West Palm Beach, FL 33407


Osto-Group is a non-profit organization that provides donated ostomy supplies to uninsured ostomates in the US for the cost of shipping and handling. 

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